Love Divinity Scholarships

Love Divinity offers scholarships to those experiencing psychological trauma, less fortunate or within temporary financial hardship.
If you know of someone who may benefit from the services Love Divinity provides please contact us.

Workshop Scholarships and Session Scholarships

To be considered for a scholarship you will need to complete our application form and email it to the address found on the application form with your supporting documentation. Scholarships are intended to provide aid to individuals facing financial hardship due to physical or mental health conditions. Verification is needed in order to determine eligibility. Completion and submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

The scholarship doesn’t cover travel and accommodation expenses.
Applications must be translated and submitted in English to be accepted.
Please use AUD Dollar as the currency in your applications.
One scholarship per person in order to reach as many people in need as possible.
Paying for a session or purchasing a ticket to the workshop you’re applying for within the selection process will disqualify you to receive a scholarship.


Be sure to include with your application copies of documents that support the income amounts you listed on the form and the diagnosis for your condition. For example:

  • Pay stubs from all employment
  • Last year’s income tax return
  • Letters approving or denying medical assistance, other benefits
  • Letters approving or denying unemployment compensation
  • Written statements from employers or welfare agents
  • Letter from Doctor, Psychologist, Counsellor, etc.
  • Medical Records (lab reports, diagnosis reports, etc.)