Tatiana Savery

L.O.V.E Divinity Founder

International entrepreneur Tatiana Savery, founder of Love Divinity Pty Ltd., brings over 35 years empirical knowledge and research based in the field of epigenetics, bio energetics, frequency technology, integrative nutrition and Spirituality. In Tatiana’s experience all life is dependent on Spirit, within the matrix experienced as energy; living organisms survive due to the exchange of energy within and without. This is the basis of her work.

Tatiana travels internationally to deliver dynamic and enlightening presentations, sharing her understanding of the innate living intelligence of Spirit within the field of heart and mind. Through her in depth knowledge with algorithmic technology and practical tools, Tatiana focuses on her guiding purpose- to assist and inspire others to wake up having full awareness of who we truly are, generating a life resplendent in peace, love, joy and ease.


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Tatiana's Timeline

Born in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Living her young childhood in British Colombia, under the freedom of the west coast log filled beaches, then relocating with her parents to Montreal, Quebec. During the Quebec teacher strikes under Pierre Trudeau’s political serving Tatiana attended boarding school in England’s Channel Islands, Jersey for four years. After, settling back to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tatiana’s own journey into who we are and why we are here began as a young teenager when she would sit enthralled listening to her brother educate her on quantum physics. This encouraged her curiosity of the science behind who we are, including the connection between nature and our bodies’ nutritional requirements.

Leaving home at the young age of thirteen to explore many adventures, Tatiana began educating herself within the alternate field of nutrition due to an ailing body within her youth. Traveling world wide educating herself from natural medicine healers in Europe, South America and Asia began her true awakening of who we are. Learning the ancient wisdom of Shamanic Energy Medicine handed down from generation to generation Tatiana gained the most meaningful insights. Having experienced illness and homelessness herself, instilled empathy for others within a wide variety of situations.

Having exposure within the family bookstore Cubbyhole Books & Records allowed the fascination and interest into many Spiritual texts and scriptures, along with the study of mind, heart and brain connection.

Many summers were spent sailing the waters of Northern British Columbia on the Tanya Kristine a 70 ft ketch sailboat her parents had named after her, a sailboat literally over flowing with books. Her parents were true unique ‘hippies’, her mother an advent gardner, writer & graphic artist along with her inventor fathers computer science background melded together providing books for other sailors while sailing the northern seas.

Tatiana is introduced to Transcendental Meditation training directly with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during his visits to Canada. This is also the era Tatiana first began reading the text and spiritual teachings of A Course In Miracles.

Studying for her degree in Fine Arts, colour therapy the focus, within the heritage of her renowned artist and architect grandfather Robert Savery, Tatiana’s love of the arts was nurtured. Highly sought after, her paintings have auctioned for charity, receiving thousands towards charitable causes. Enjoying a life long gift Tatiana continues creating paintings, her pieces held in collections in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Tatiana also taught at Kwantlen College in Vancouver, B.C., both in art and the sharing of knowledge, techniques and tools, along with ancient wisdom for connection to Spirits natural guidance for creativity; this being her only true Spirit’s purpose facilitating the space for connection.

Tatiana went on to study Interior Design and Fashion Design, seeing the connection between life, creativity, and the implications of beauty within art and design upon the human psyche. During the late 1980’s Tatiana began training in natural medicine spending time working with integrative doctors and naturopaths using some of the first frequency technologies in El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Mexico health clinics.

Upon return to Vancouver, Canada from these clinics Tatiana began working with AID’s patients implementing colour therapy and healing interior design for palliative care patients and hospices.
Her continued study of Nutritional Sciences, working with one of the top Naturopathic clinics in Sydney, Australia, fuelled her ongoing education and research. Through her studies Tatiana learnt many modalities including Biomedical Engineering, Quantum Mathematics, Epigenetics, Body Energetics, NLP, Heart Math, Kinesiology, Energy Psychology, Holistic Counselling and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching.

Embracing the knowledge and understanding that everything in the multi verse is a frequency, that the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, Tatiana’s entrepreneurial abilities blossomed creating many companies to help raise awareness of who we are. Encouraging true purpose, how to live with more health, joy and love so we may awaken to our true reality.

Renaissance Interior Design – Implementing the power of colour and design on the human psyche and energetic fields within both residential and commercial settings. Consulting with leading edge architectural firms Tatiana has worked with large shopping developments from planning stage to final individual retail concept; international airport planning development, residential property, hospice homes and commercial restaurants.

L’apparelle Pty Ltd – A high end fashion retailer on Broadway for local designers to showcase their environmentally aware designs beside Tatiana’s own high end design label Om Baba. L’Apparelle has been featured in fashion shows, print media and on television. Tatiana’s teaching career began here with being the guest speaker for the Vancouver Fashion & Design College.

The Nomad Merchant – An artisan import company where Tatiana’s desire to serve humanity was infused into supporting worldwide artists while simultaneously imbuing homes with stunning beauty and grace. Colour Therapy was an integral element, educating people on the frequency of colour for health.

L.O.V.E. Divinity – The seed is planted to create a space to offer a new alternative for health after working in one of the top Naturoapthic Clinics in Sydney, and seeing the separation between heart, mind and our bodies. That we are infinite beings of Spirit and in so should not be looking outside of ourselves for health. A Course In Miracles was the original guidance inspiring the creation of Love Divinity in the 1990’s and remains the underlying inspiration for all Tatiana’s writing and Speaking from the Heart events or engagements.

L.O.V.E. Divinity – Although each of Tatiana’s companies have been born through a desire to serve humanity’s heart connection, it is L.O.V.E. Divinity that embraces all aspects of who Tatiana is, and her desire to awaken everyone to the limitless possibilities they each contain. L.O.V.E. Divinity offers a well researched and proven alternative to mainstream services, based upon Tatiana’s own dedication to continually examine, research, educate, and embrace her own opportunity to grow and diversify. Tatiana’s day arises from the question “What inspired action does Spirit gift me today? I am entitled to Miracles!”… and invites you to do the same …

Love-oil-ogy – A company developed to educate and bring the spot light on to the potency of ancient essential oils, one of the oldest and quickest forms of shifting frequencies within the body.

Frequency Academy Pty Ltd – Frequency Academy was born through the vision of allowing everyone equality, that everyone can know perfect health, joy, ease and love. Finding a missing element in both Naturopathic Medicine and Allopathic Medicine the idea was born to educate Doctors and Practitioners on frequency technologies, bio quantum medicine, along with the leading edge techniques and tools, combined with ancient knowledge to bring this experience of perfect health, joy, ease and love to all humanity.

AMedallion – The AMedaillon is a perfect hand cast copy in the scale 1:4 of the original silver medallion plate found in a crop circle formation. The original silver plate was found in Grasdorf / Germany in 1991 on a scale of 1:1000 crop circle formation. The crop circle formation was formed on July 23, 1991, and the silver plate was excavated on Aug. 2, 1991, along with two additional plates of pure gold and bronze in the middle of the crop circle highlighted with a semicircle at a depth of approximately 40 cm.

“My soul purpose of having the Medallion recreated for humanity is that they may raise our frequency to that of awareness of our wholeness.”

-Tatiana Savery, Founder & CEO of Frequency Academy Pty Ltd

AMedaillons are available in Bronze, Silver plated, or 24K Gold plated bronze. Solid Gold or Silver by special order.

Podcast is Launched

TV Show is Launched

Release of Tatiana’s Trilogy series on Spirituality, the connection of our “Right Mindedness” with heart and the creation of the movie we collectively create in the Universe.

Space for Spirit & Tea Time

Tatiana lives between 3 dynamic yet interconnected countries. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia on acreage within the oasis of stunning gardens. An avid gardening enthusiast and naturalist, she is currently involved in creating a thriving permaculture garden and lifestyle with her two young adult daughters. It is here amongst the avocado and fruit trees they enjoy the company of their animals, puppies and horses alongside Australia’s incredible wild life.

Travelling home to Vancouver, Canada throughout the year allows the connection to her family and continuation of her educational platforms within North America. Canada also has the highest rate of MS, Tatiana is driven to support those suffering and creating change.

Her residence in Switzerland is below the gorgeous Alps, and allows integration with European inventors, along with sharing her wisdom within Europe via her TV show.

All areas of the world encourage our connection with Spirit… and the endless cup of tea.