Oligo Scan

The Oligo Scan detects the bioavailability of trace elements and heavy metal intoxication in real-time.

Spectrophotometry is the method used by OligosScan to obtain the results on the amount of trace elements and minerals in the tissues. It is a quantitative analytical method which consists of measuring the absorbance or the optical density of a chemical substance.

The basic principle is that every chemical compound absorbs, emits or reflects the light (electromagnetic radiation) on a certain range of wavelengths.

The more the sample is concentrated, the more it absorbs the light within the limits of proportionality expressed in the law Beer-Lambert.

The spectrophotometry is used in the following domains: chemistry, pharmacy, environment, food-processing industry, biology, medical /clinical, industrial and many others.

In the clinical applications, the spectrophotometry is used to examine the blood or the tissues for clinical investigation.


Why not hair, urine, or blood analysis?

It’s helpful to know if heavy metals are an issue for you or not, and the only way to know is to measure them. The available heavy metal testing has mainly consisted of serum levels, urine levels, and hair analysis. To get an accurate picture you must do all 3. Serum measures recent exposure. After a few days the metals migrate into your tissues and are no longer detected in your blood. Hair will show excretion of metals in the last 3 months… and urine shows what you are excreting following a challenge test.
The OligoScan measures tissue heavy metal status using spectrophotometry. No blood draws, no cutting hair, and no waiting weeks for results. It’s the metals in your tissues that give an accurate picture of your overall heavy metal status.

The Oligo Scan device is listed as a Class IIa medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods: No. 226738.

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Love LettersLet the love in!

Sign up for monthly reconnection to our Spirit for the three Rs - Rejuvenate, Reconnect, Revitalise.